Online Vocal Coaching sessions are a relatively new concept and many people are still dubious as to how much progress can be made. I get this, I was too before I tried it myself. Online sessions can be very effective for people who are overseas or unable to travel. I currently work online with vocalists living in Australia, France, working on cruise ships and more.

I use the free video conferencing platform Zoom. It is extremely reliable with almost no noticeable time delay. You will need to create a Zoom account prior to your session, but thankfully this is quick, easy and free.

Online sessions run a little differently than working in person. During the session you will control most of the audio from your end, so I recommend that you have a look on YouTube, Spotify or other streaming services for karaoke tracks, or of course accompany yourself.

This is what James had to say about our online sessions:

“I first worked with Gemma for several months in the Hertford studio and we made significant progress in each and every lesson.

When I moved to the other side of the world I looked for a local vocal coach. I tried three different ones; all had received good reviews but I felt like just another student, following a generic lesson that had been taught many times before. I developed significant tension, didn't enjoy it and stopped making progress.

I contacted Gemma and despite a nine or ten hour time difference we began online lessons with an immediate impact in both my enjoyment and development. Gemma's approach is highly individualistic and is tailored towards identifying, fixing and improving the issues specific to my voice. She works with me on developing the voice I want and to learn the songs I enjoy. No two lessons are ever the same and I never sing better than at the end of a lesson with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough for the personal approach.”

James Line

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