Pricing + Services

“Within minutes my old power and precision was back.”
— Kev Saunders, Vocalist

When training the voice we are really creating new pathways in the brain. Essentially, we are creating new, effective vocal habits and getting rid of the ones that are no longer helping us. The best way to do this is through frequent repetition of vocal exercises suited to your unique voice. 

Each session is tailored around your requirements and can include:

  • An in-depth assessment to ‘diagnose’ your current vocal habits

  • Bespoke warm up and warm down strategies 

  • Individualised vocal development exercises- reviewed regularly to allow constant improvement

  • Strategies for accessing more range

  • Releasing vocal tension and unlocking vocal power

  • Vocal Health guidance and signposting

  • Song coaching

Whilst a huge amount can be covered in a one-off session, these are best suited to Vocalists who have already built some momentum with their vocal development.

My Vocal Coaching packages are ideal for singers who want to make as much progress as possible. They are designed to help you to commit to your vocal training, by offering continuity and excellent value.

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My top tips for getting the most out of your Vocal Coaching sessions.