Gemma really helped me to unlock the power in my voice. She also gave me some excellent tips for keeping my voice in shape on tour. I’ve never felt more prepared.
— Antony Costa (Blue)

Happy Clients and Industry Endorsements


I've been singing in the studio and live for over thirty years (with acts such as Marden Hill, The Takashi O'Hashi Project and most recently The Dissent) and until recently never took a lesson. After struggling a bit in the studio with my falsetto recently I went to Gemma. And in a single session she sorted me out. She instantly identified the problem and had me doing exercises to remedy it then and there. Within minutes I'd got my old power and precision back - and the next Dissent single's going to be all the better for Gemma's input! Gemma's unpretentious, pragmatic and completely professional – and she knows how to make sure you feel at ease!

-Kevin Saunders

I just wanted to take the chance to thank the phenomenal Gemma Milburn. Anyone who saw me in August will know I barely had a speaking voice and couldn't sing a note due to chronic acid reflux. This wonderful lady coached my voice back to health and beyond.  Thank you so much!

-naomi delamore

Gemma is a highly qualified, well-thought of teacher who has inspiring ideas and creative new approaches. She is pro-active in learning new techniques and engages in regular professional development. Her standing amongst the voice community is very well regarded and I highly recommend her.

— DEbbie winter, Voice Workshop

Gemma is a phenomenal vocal coach.  The lessons I have had with her have resulted in a genuine step change in my vocal ability and musical confidence.  She has a real talent for teaching. To really listen to the sounds you make, to diagnose, to explain and then to tailor her solutions to your voice using her intuition and knowledge.  She seems to have a limitless armoury of techniques which she can draw on, and she is not one to apply cookie cutter solutions.  For many people, including myself, learning to sing is a daunting undertaking, but Gemma is someone who can really help you achieve your dreams.  Again, a phenomenal teacher.

— julius Attwood


I worked with Gemma for a period of about 8 months last year and couldn't believe the progress I made. She is hugely knowledgeable, and always knew the tricks to open up my voice. I made big strides each and every time I saw her from increasing my range to smoothing out my bridge to more power and consistency. Now I'm living on the other side of the world it will be very difficult to find another teacher who I can learn so much from.

—james line

Gemma was great at helping me prepare for playing the lead in Ghost The Musical. I really benefited from the exercises she showed me for tired voices, and I learned some excellent tips and tricks for hitting the high notes. I would definitely recommend working with Gemma.

— andy moss, (actor/singer, Hollyoaks)

What I valued most about working with Gemma was that I was treated as an individual. Not only as a singer, but also as a human being. She carefully listened to my goals, worries and insecurities, and according to that she would come up with a variety of vocal exercises which improved my voice instantly!

— Martina O'Brien

I'm the lead vocalist in a heavy rock band and have been going to Gemma for lessons for almost three years now. Gemma has shown me how to belt and scream without injuring my voice. I can now do things vocally that I never dreamed I'd be able to do. She’s a fantastic coach who really helps you to achieve your goals. I recommend her highly.

— Mario georgiou

Before working with Gemma, I would lose my voice after most performances. After these lessons I have noticed a dramatic change. I no longer lose my voice or feel tension, I’m now able to take care of it myself and prevent these issues.

Gemma is a great vocal coach who understands what works for her clients. I’m so happy I came across her. She makes every lesson enjoyable and comfortable.

—Vanessa Boampong