Why don't we ask for help when we really need it?

Most of the vocalists I work with come to me at a point where they are really struggling with something. Many of them tell me of the months and even years of strain, cracking and vocal fatigue that they have fought against. Some have turned down work, others have taken extensive amounts of time off from singing and others have quit entirely. Most of them are worried and frustrated, and very few of them have ever sought help from a vocal coach

This is why I don't do YouTube singing tutorials...

I love YouTube. I can often be found obsessing over Zoella’s current favourites, seeking business inspiration from GaryVee, weeping over a TED Talk and occasionally getting involved in the odd piano tutorial. YouTube is awesome. However when it comes to singing, I don’t believe its an effective way of learning, and this video that I filmed Live on Facebook last year explains why.